Solar for business

Reduce costs and CO2 emmisions

Solar is a clear example of your commitment to corporate social responsibility and 20150910_083714protecting your environment.

Providing a clear and measurable improvement to your carbon footprint, solar also offers a stable and predictable return on investment and protects your property portfolio from regulations from 2018 making it unlawful to let a building with EPC rating of F or lower.

We have solutions for all roof types from Flat roofs, metal arched roofs to ground mounts or even floating systems


No capital Expenditure

Under a Solar Power Agreement your business has the option to generate its own clean electricity without any capital investment.

The price you pay for the solar electricity will be fixed at a rate typically be 20-40% lower than your current energy deal.

As utility rates continue to rise, your business is protected from wholesale energy price volatility, as the solar power purchase is linked to the Retail Price Index.