Code for Sustainable Homes Assessment

iGen can work with housebuilders at the planning stage to ensure that that the most appropriate and cost effective technology to achieve the required code level is specified at the outset.

iGen Energy are registered code assessors and will offer full siteĀ assessmentĀ to our housebuilding partners, saving considerable cost but also providing a more enhanced service. As renewable energy installers iGen are better placed than most surveyors to recommend the most suitable products for any situation.


Integrated Solar Panels

Our in-roof solar panel systems meet homebuyers high aesthetic expectations and provide a very cost effective option over solar tiles.

As with solar slates, the panels provide the primary roof barrier and sit in-line with the traditional roof covering, a clear advantage though is that this system will work with any tile or slate, regardless of material or size.

Aesthetics **** – Much improved over standard panels and very close to the appeal of solar slates

Performance **** – Greater active area provides improved performance over solar slates

Value ***** – More expensive than on roof panels but up to 40% less than solar slates