80% of farmers want rooftop solar

A recent survey has found that 80% of farmers in the UK want to have solar photovoltaics installation on their roofs within the next three years. These results prove that farmers’ interest in generating renewable electricity has increased dramatically since the launch of the feed-in tariff (FiT), launched in April this year.
The main findings of the survey are:
*88.1% of Farmers are currently considering renewables on their farm.
*Of those considering renewables, an overwhelming 93.3% are interested in solar PV, with wind energy as the second choice.
*82.2% of farmers are considering solar PV (93.3% of those interested in renewables (88.1%))
*80.6% of those surveyed are considering solar on a roof.
*89.8% of those interested in investing in renewables are planning to do so within the next two years, which would enable them to take advantage of the FiT
*However, only 55.2% understood to what extent they could actually earn from the FiT; being paid for all electricity generated and consumed, as well as that exported. The remainder (25.4%) thought payment was only for generation, or export (19.4%).

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