Free Solar for Schools & Community Organisations

As a renewable energy company we are committed to making solar power accessible to all by investing in free solar systems for non-profit organizations.
In return for placing our photovoltaic solar panels on your south facing building; be it school, church, doctors surgery or sports club etc we will offer you 100% of the electricity generated totally free of charge.
What’s the catch?… there isn’t one, our ability to finance the project is derived from the income generated by the Feed in Tariff, paid by energy companies to clean energy generators and meaning we can return a viable profit from our investment whilst providing free electricity.
We understand that some organisations wish to invest in the Solar PV system themselves in order to profit from the feed in tariff and so we also offer shared equity schemes as well as outright sale of systems.
For more information please phone or enter your details in the survey box on the right.

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Interested in installing solar panels but do not have the capital to do it all ourselves.

Hi Stephen,

We will be happy to provide further options to the school including: lease, part ownership or the free system.

Kind Regards

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