Bet 365 Etruria Park

Project : Bet 365 Head Office Staffordshire

Client : Bet 365

Contractor : SISK


Roof Type : Flat Roof

Date : August 2016

In August 2016 iGen installed a PV system to Bet 365’s state of the art new offices in Etruria Park.  We utilised an adjustable A frame system allowing the optimal inclination for the PV modules and was also designed so that it can be erected without any power tools, avoiding any potential damage to the roof membrane. Uninterrupted power supply was critical to client and so iGen designed and installed additional controls to enable the system to work in tandem with a backup generator, whilst complying with DNO requirements.

Key Stats

Location – Staffordshire

  • System Size – 98 kWp
  • Number of panels - 370
  • Annual Output – 69,497 kWh per year
  • Cost per unit – 0.05p
  • Co2 Reduction – 43 tonnes per year