Money Supermarket

Project : Money Supermarket Head Office

Client : Money Supermarket

Principal Contractor : IGEN

Roof Type : Tile over trapezoidal steel

Date : May 2012

iGen installed a 50 kWp system for internet giant at their head office in North Wales. The system was installed under a Power Purchase Agreement with having the solar panels installed at no cost and then benefitting from all of the electricity produced at under half the price they pay their traditional energy supplier.  An IT driven business, shut-down time for connection of the system to the LV network was critical and limited to 20mins, to prevent overheating the servers.

Key Stats

Location – North Wales

  • System Size – 50 kWp
  • Number of panels – 158
  • Annual Output – 39,700 kWh per year
  • Cost per unit – 0.06p