iGen is a trusted partner for construction professionals, we work closely with architects, consultants, housebuilders, principal contractors and M&E contractors to achieve national requirements such as BREEAM as well as regional such as the London Plan to deliver the best value solution to your clients.

We pride ourselves on being a valued extension of your team, delivering on sustainable from initial tender support through to supply, installation, commissioning and handover documentation. 

  • Tender support -
    • Site specific energy calculations, using latest simulation software
    • CAD layouts, overlaying solar designs on to your dwg files
    • Cost analysis based on comparison of designs/technology to achieve best value BREAM solution
  • CPD Training – specifying the correct mounting systems, DNO interface, budget estimating
  • Grid connection applications

Solar System Types

Trapezoidal Steel Roof

The most cost-effective type of Solar system is installed to a trapezoidal Steel roof commonly found on warehousing. The roof anchors are fixed to the crown of the roof sheet and the solar panel is secured directly to this.

Tile/Slate Roof

As planning policy and developers strive for more green homes and improved BREEAM ratings there’s been a rise in the use of Solar PV. iGen can design systems for both tile and slate roofs in-roof options that provide a robust solution for your business.

High Rise building

Once over 20 floors a mechanically fixed system is required due to the wind loadings at this height and the subsequent dangers of uplift. In this instance iGen can design a system that will fix to both a traditional cold roof and also a warm inverted roof (inverted roof) construction using specialist anchors with legs extending beyond the insulation. 

Standing Seam Roof

Increasingly popular due to its aesthetic appearance iGen use a specialist clamp to attach to the top of the seam, this system doesn’t require any penetrations into the roof skin and is approved by all of the mainstream roofing manufacturers.

Single Ply membrane

iGen have several methods of fixing to single ply membrane roofs. Mechanical attachment, especially useful when the system is over 20 storeys, the specialist fixing that we use is screwed/bolted to the roof deck and contains a layer of single ply membrane which is then welded to the roof to maintain integrity against moisture ingress. 

iGen can also design a system that is secured to the roof via concrete ballast, requiring no penetrations to the roof. The amount of ballast is calculated using the latest BS and EN standards.