We work closely with Main Contractors, Housing Developers, Consultants, Architects, Businesses, landlords and M&E contractors to ensure the design installation, operation and maintenance of solar fits in seamlessly with their daily operations.


We use specialist Solar design software to simulate system performance based on the latest technologies, specific location details- including localised climate data, building height, orientation, roof pitch etc environmental conditions including localised shading from neighbouring trees and buildings etc Meaning solar investors can be assured about their return on investment and long term energy security.

This also allows us to very accurately predict the performance of a solar system and so if a particular BREEAM rating is required for a new development we can determine the most efficient system to deliver the kWh needed.


We provide detailed CAD versions of the solar panel layout overlaid on to the architects’ roof plans, highlighting any clashes with existing plant, sufficient walkways, location of cable penetrations etc. Electrical schematics will also be issued detailing the system and how it interfaces with the wider electrical installation of the building.

We can also advise on how best to integrate Solar PV with other technologies such as Battery Storage and EV charging systems.


By combining our simulation and design expertise we can assess the most cost-effective way to achieve the solar output required. We will also cross reference the BRUKL documentation and Energy Strategy to ensure there is no inaccuracies, this has been proven to highlight very significant cost savings at tender stage for a number of contractors that we work with.


iGen will liaise with the relevant trades prior to our start on site, including roofing contractor and M&E contractor to ensure a seamless construction phase. We will issue layouts prior to starting our works and maintain involvement at director level throughout the project. Handover and commissioning documentation will be prepared and ready to submit as soon as our works are complete


We can assist Property owners/ Landlords generate additional income by preparing PPA options, effectively selling their clean solar electricity to their future tenants, providing an additional revenue stream and benefitting the tenants with low rate lean electricity.

Businesses with existing premises can also access Solar PV without any capital whereby iGen can arrange a PPA investment in your building, securing low fixed rate clean energy for the next 20-25 yrs.


We work with closely with DNO/IDNO’s (Distribution Network Operator/Independent Distribution Network Operator) such as Western Power Distribution etc to arrange connection of the PV System to their network. This can take up to 3 months and needs to be considered early on in the process to avoid any delays to project handover etc. In some cases, the DNO can require export limitation on upgrades to the infrastructure which can have significant cost implications and needs to be highlighted prior to the commencement of works.


iGen have a simple three tier system ranging from an annual panel clean to an annual service and panel clean with full system warranty covering labour and materials. 

We also offer remote system monitoring, remote meter reading, FIT claiming and PPA invoicing for landlords charging their tenants for the solar electricity used on site.