Solar carports

Our extensive experience in the design, installation and operation of Solar PV, Battery Storage and Electric Vehicle charge points is brought together for the implementation of one of the breakthrough renewable markets - solar car ports.

What is a Solar Car Port?

These are covered parking spaces, positioned to optimise solar generation which can then be used to power your building, sell back into the grid or charge batteries for Electric Vehicle Charging. Customers and staff get self-financing premium parking spaces, sheltered from the rain and EV ready to charge the increasing number of electric vehicles.

Main Benefits 

  • Reduce costs
  • Generate revenue
  • Energy security
  • Create/improve EV infrastructure 
  • Premium, weatherproof parking experience for staff and customers.
  • Display commitment to technology and carbon reduction

Who Benefits?

Local Authorities, commercial landlords, retail outlets, Leisure centre, cinema complexes, car park operators and any businesses with car parking spaces can demonstrate their commitment to technology and carbon reduction with the inclusion of solar carports.