We supply and install electric vehicle chargers for domestic use and for  businesses of all sizes across the UK. We can install electric vehicle chargers for new build or existing premises and can track the amount of electricity used.

IGen are an approved installer for TESLA and can fit new car chargers at 7 days notice. 

Commercial EV Installation

Empower your business with electric car charging points for your company. Electric vehicles (EVs) are increasing in popularity and it is now becoming more essential to provide your employees or visitors with electric car charging stations. Enhance your CSR through our commercial EV charging points and provide your company with valued facilities.

As part of a wide-ranging energy solution, an electric car charging station can be integrated with solar carports, in part providing charging for EVs with green electricity generated from solar. When combined with other energy-efficient measures, the cost of charging electric cars can be reduced further.

IGen provides electric car charging station installation services for commercial sites, using reliable and trusted technology from various manufacturing brands. All of our solutions are designed to meet the current and future demands for EV charging within your organisation.

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