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With over a decade of experience in installing solar panels across the UK, at iGen, we’ve provided a vast range of energy-saving solutions to a wide range of businesses. Our total focus is on the design and installation of solar power systems and every project we undertake is carefully analysed in depth so that we fully understand the client’s objectives. We know from experience that every solar PV project is different in its own way – with different problems needing different solutions.

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Most commercial and industrial premises have vast roof areas, with equally vast potential to tap into for energy generation.  Many businesses have realised this and turned what would otherwise be ‘wasted’ space into a valuable asset with great potential to make a considerable contribution to their bottom line.

This applies not only to new construction projects but to existing buildings.  The same is true in residential developments – including existing properties as well as new build.  Electricity generated this way helps to guarantee an uninterrupted power supply and gives fixed costs that can be used in forecasts.  

Solar pv systems reduce costs for your business by generating free, green electricity to be used onsite, lowering your energy demand from the grid in daylight hours and saving you money every year on energy bills. 

Making the change to an energy efficient, eco-friendly solution with Low Carbon Energy needn’t be cost-restrictive.  If you’re unable to purchase the system outright iGen can also offer Power Purchase Agreements (PPA’s) which will allow businesses to secure a portion of their annual electricity consumption from solar power, at absolutely no upfront cost.

Help fight climate change

Save the Environment

Reduce your carbon emissions by generating your own electricity through the power of solar energy. With climate change a major topic of concern solar initiatives are a popular strategy to significantly lower your company’s carbon footprint, enhance your reputation and increase your company’s sustainability credentials.

Generating electricity with solar power instead of fossil fuels dramatically reduces greenhouse gas emissions, particularly carbon dioxide (CO2). Greenhouse gases, which are produced when fossil fuels are burned, lead to rising global temperatures and climate change. Climate change already contributes to public health and serious environmental issues including extreme weather events, ecosystem changes and rising sea levels.

By installing solar pv, you can limit greenhouse gas emissions, reduce demand for fossil fuels and shrink your carbon footprint. One business installing a solar energy system can have a measurable effect on the environment.  A typical system will deliver COreductions of circa 60 tonnes a year.

Power Your Business



It’s an alarming reality that the national grid is struggling to generate significant electricity supply to meet the growing demands of the UK.  Having solar pv and battery storage at your business will not only save you money but reduce your reliance on the grid itself who are currently taking measures to prevent blackouts in the future.

Secure your future energy supply – Pre-purchase energy at a fixed unit price, forecast your long-term energy costs and protect your business against future increases in utility prices.

Protect your business from power shortages – Generate and store your own energy, reduce reliance on the National Grid and protect your business from potential rationing and brownouts.


iGen were established in 2010 and have been leading way in renewable energy solutions for commercial business for over a decade.  We have provided some of the UK’s largest businesses, developers and contractors with tailored solar pv systems to help meet their business requirements.


Over the last 10 years we have installed solar panels onto a wide variety of roof types.  Each installation represents a different challenge however our expert designers can find a solar PV system to suit any situation:

Flexible solutions for every project

Trapezoidal Steel

The most cost effective type of solar PV system is one that’s installed to the trapezoidal Steel roof commonly found on warehousing. The roof anchors are fixed to the crown of the roof sheet and the solar panel is secured directly to this.


High Rise buildings

At heights over 20 floors a mechanically fixed system is required due to the wind loadings. For these applications iGen design a solar pv system that will fix to a traditional cold roof, and also to a warm inverted roof construction using specialist anchors with legs extending beyond the insulation.

high rise solar pv
solar cpd

Standing Seam

Approved by all of the mainstream roofing manufacturers, and increasingly popular because of its aesthetically pleasing appearance. For this system iGen use a specialist clamp to attach to the top of the seam, eliminating any need for penetration of the roof skin.


Single Ply Membrane

iGen offer a choice of fixing options for this type of roof. For mechanical attachment – particularly suitable for systems on buildings over 20 storeys- we use a specialist fixing. This is screwed/bolted to the roof deck and contains a layer of single ply membrane, which is then welded to the roof to maintain integrity against moisture ingress.

iGen can also design a system secured by means of concrete ballast, thus requiring no penetrations to the roof. The amount of ballast is calculated using the latest BS and EN standards.

Premier Inn
Flexible solutions for every project


Planning policies on housing are driving the rise in popularity of Solar PV systems as developers strive for greener homes and improved BREEAM ratings.

iGen can design integrated systems that sit flush to the roof rather than on top of the tiles or slates. This gives a sleek low profile, and means there is no need to remove the system for future maintenance or repairs to the underlying roof.

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