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Public Sector organisations are probably under more financial pressure now than ever before. In this environment, opportunities to control costs are very welcome. This is why many organisations are now looking at leveraging their capital assets more effectively by using Public Sector Solar Power to reduce annual costs and in many cases increase annual income.

The financial case for solar for public sector is as strong as the environmental case. We don’t need to explain why generating electricity from the sun, using our solar panels, is better for the environment than burning coal, but it is worth noting that in the coming decade legislation will ensure organisations are fully committed to reducing their environmental impact. Inevitably such commitment will come at some capital cost. However, renewable and energy saving technologies aid compliance and actually save/make you money at the same time. So why wait to be told? We can help you right now and it costs nothing to ask so contact our team today!






In recent years, the demand for solar for public sector organisations and in particular panels for schools, colleges, Universities and other educational establishments has grown significantly.  With benefits including a reduction in the cost of energy bills plus a reduction in carbon emissions, the switch to solar is win-win. The switch to renewable energy sends a great message to pupils too, inspiring them with the latest in technology and teaching them how they too can look after their world.

To protect our planet, we need to cut emissions much faster than most people realise and climate change is the most serious challenge young people will face.  It therefore makes perfect sense for educational establishments to be setting the right example in terms of energy supply.  As financial pressures also increase students and parents will want to see schools and colleges being run as efficiently as possible.

iGen have a proven track record in providing solar for public sector schools and educational facilities with bespoke solar PV systems that have made a huge impact on cost savings and carbon footprint.  We provide an end to end service liasing with all stakeholders at every stage of the process from providing state of the art designs and detailed forecasts through to installation and maintenance. 


Tailored solutions to meet your Needs


We can assist public sector organisations in generating additional income by preparing PPA options enabling them to access Solar PV without any capital. iGen can arrange a PPA investment in your building, securing low fixed rate clean energy for the next 20-25 yrs and helping you concentrate on spending budget where it is needed most.

End to end planning with safety in mind

Quality Assurance

We are fully accredited by the MCS, which is a quality assurance scheme supported by the governments Energy and Industrial Strategy department. During our free Solar Survey on your premises, we will use simulation software to develop a custom system suited to your property’s requirements.

All our team members carry in date trade specific CSCS cards, Site Safety Plus certification, Working at Height and first aid training. Our insurances are up to date and include: Employers Liability £10m, Product Liability £10m, Professional Indemnity £10m.

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