If you’re an M&E consultant, architect or building designer it isn’t easy to keep up with the latest solar technology and renewable energy possibilities – however the team at iGen are here to help with solar advice.  We have designed solar PV systems and battery storage options for some of the UK’s largest contractors and have worked with every type of roof including trapezoidal, flat roof and solar car ports.  We are also certified Tesla installers and experts on battery storage and EV charging requirements.

We’ve worked on industrial units, office blocks, farm buildings and even a custom-built mounting system on the roof of a listed building.

What solar technology best suits your client’s budget? Have you considered higher output panels if roof space is limited? If your proposed heating system fails Building Regulations, how do you use additional solar energy to fix the problem? Trust iGen to give you expert solar advice!

We’re also expert at getting the most from your panels by using the most advanced solar inverters, control and monitoring, battery storage and integrated EV charging points within a solar energy system.

We are here to help with the following requirements:

  • Meet or exceed all BREEAM & SAP targets for new-builds
  • Planning for carbon neutral or net carbon zero status
  • Guidance in the use of suitable solar-related language for private or public sector proposals.
  • Auto CAD drawings,  scale CAD drawings, site plans, scale solar drawing, DC solar circuitry plans
  • Wind-weight loading calculations
  • Technical and health & safety certificates
  • Accurate forecasting of costs and future usage
  • Solutions for all locations, including listed buildings
  • Precision control and monitoring of energy usage for the occupiers of your properties
  • Make full use of available grants and avoid up-front costs with Power Purchase Agreements

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