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iGen have a decade of experience in dealing with solar for business.  We understand that each commercial solar installation is unique — from the financial and project goals, to design, interconnection with the grid, and operational planning. We draw on a decade of experience and consult with business and private sector customers to design a customised system that meets their unique business needs. We handle all project requirements — always anticipating any issues that may arise.

Whether your organisation is choosing onsite commercial solar to hedge against rising energy costs or to meet corporate renewable energy goals and growing consumer demand for sustainably sourced products — we keep your goals front of mind. We work with you to build an economically attractive system that will power your business with renewable energy — generated on site, where it’s consumed.





Wether your business is a blue chip multinational or an SME, you can benefit from renewable energy. Sharply increasing electricity costs and large amounts of unused roof space provided by commercial properties make a solar panel system a solid investment. Whether your business is looking to reduce costs, decrease its carbon footprint or secure its future energy supply, iGen provides expert commercial solar pv installations which help you achieve your business objectives.

Commercial solar PV systems can provide a  substantial return on investment. Whilst the end of the Feed-in Tariff made the financial justification of residential installations more challenging to financially justify – compared to buying renewable energy from the grid – it’s a different story for commercial solar system installation.

The reason is a combination of cheaper solar PV technology, a 25-year fixed-cost for solar energy generation, minimal maintenance of the solar PV system after installation, and continuing rises in the cost of  grid supplied electricity. Altogether, the result is solar energy that’s around 60-70% cheaper than buying from the National Grid. Additional enticements are PPA’s and financial solutions to help manage upfront costs.

Within the next ten years, energy costs are predicted to double. Commercial solar panels are a smart energy solution  that will effectively allow your business to forward buy your electricity at a set price of around five  to six pence per unit. This significantly reduces the financial exposure of your business to energy price rises which will make financial forecasting and planning a lot easier. 


End to end planning with safety in mind

Quality Assurance

We are fully accredited by the MCS, which is a quality assurance scheme supported by the governments Energy and Industrial Strategy department. During our free Solar Survey on your premises, we will use simulation software to develop a commercial solar system suited to your property’s requirements.

All our team members carry in date trade specific CSCS cards, Site Safety Plus certification, Working at Height and first aid training. Our insurances are up to date and include: Employers Liability £10m, Product Liability £10m, Professional Indemnity £10m.

Tailored solutions to meet your Needs


We can assist Property owners/ Landlords generate additional income by preparing PPA options, effectively selling their clean solar electricity to their future tenants, providing an additional revenue stream and benefitting the tenants with low rate lean electricity. Businesses with existing premises can also access Solar PV without any capital whereby iGen can arrange a PPA investment in your building, securing low fixed rate clean energy for the next 20-25 yrs.

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