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For a typical business we would require less than a week to install without any interruption to electrical supply or day to day running of the company.  This would depend on the nature of the roof, size of system required and the weather.

The amount of power generated depends on a variety of factors such as the orientation, location and size of the roof.  To design a system that best suits your business we would look to analyse your annual electricity usage (half hourly data).  We would use satellite imaging and structural data to calculate how many panels would be required and give you a tailored report on our recommendations.

iGen only installs tier 1 high quality panels with a warranty of 25 years performance.  Panel degradation is factored into our analysis and forecast report.  Panels will retain at least 85% of nominal power after 25 years. 

As part of our service, we submit on your behalf a full G99 application and schematic to the DNO (Distribution Network Operator) to get the approval to connect to the grid. This can take up to 2 months.

We only specify and install tier 1 equipment from reputable manufacturers who provide warranties for their products.  However, to ensure the system is working at its optimum level we offer provide service and maintenance packages to all our clients.

Although solar is allowed under permitted development in the majority of cases we will apply for a lawful development certificate on your behalf to ensure you comply with all local and national planning requirements.

iGen will undertake a full appraisal of your roof structure including wind and snow loadings with a proposed PV system in place and design a system that will maintain the integrity and lifespan of your roof.

iGen will provide a full system forecast with exact roof details and local meteorological data using the latest modelling software developed by the European Commission’s joint research centre.  Once the system is up and running the system will be monitored remotely with both live and historical data easily accessed through your laptop or mobile device.  If the systems performance falls outside of set parameters iGen and our clients will be alerted, and we will carry out any work necessary.

Inverters change the DC current from the panels to AC current needed for your business and the grid. It’s essential the correct type of inverter is used and that they’re located in the right place. 

No, Solar PV panels work on light and all roofs have light shining on them. Many customers have fitted east/west facing systems and typically generate around 86% of an equivalent south-facing roof.

The excess energy will be sold back to the grid.

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