Manchester PV Blossom Street

Blossom Street Apartments

Project Stats

KWH Per Year
kg CO2 Avoided

Project : Blossom Street Apartments

Contractor : Atlantic Electrical

Roof Type : Flat

Date : Nov 2020

iGen designed and installed a 16kWp commercial solar PV system on behalf of Atlantic Electrical for their new commercial solar project at Blossom Street apartments in Manchester.  

iGens rooftop solar pv array will provide 12,108 hours of clean energy per year and will result in 5,120kg of C02 emissions per year being avoided.

The £30m development will provide 143 PRS residencies on a former substation and car park site at the junction of Blossom Street and Great Ancoats Street.

Two separate buildings, one eight-storeys tall and one seven-storeys tall, will provide a mix of one, two and three-bedroom apartments, as well as three townhouses. There is extensive ground floor resident amenity space, reception and concierge areas, 150 square metres of commercial space and car parking and cycle spaces. There’s also a panoramic roof terrace, incorporating a private dining room for resident use.

Regenerating a historically partially vacant and under-utilised site, the 143 units are made up of 49 one-bedroom apartments, 90 two-bedroom apartments and one three-bedroom apartment, plus the townhouses.

Designed by Tim Groom Architects, the scheme was brought forward following extensive consultation with Manchester City Council, Historic England and Places Matter to ensure it is in context with the Ancoats conservation area.

The development is funded, and will be owned and managed by DTZ Investors.


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