Salford Town Hall Solar PV

Salford Town Hall

Project Stats

KWH Per Year
Tonnes C02 Reduced P.A

Project : Salford Town Hall

Client : Salford Council

Principle Contractor : IGEN

Roof Type : Mix flat between bitumen and pitched tile

Date : March 2015

iGen have delivered a wide range of solar for public sector projects.  Salford Town Hall was a very high-profile installation as the site is a listed building used extensively by the local community, Lord Mayors office and local government. The construction phase had to be sensitively handled and communication was of paramount importance so as not to disrupt public meetings, civil ceremonies and a television shoot.

The system covered two roof types including a flat roof whereby we utilised the same mounting system proposed for PHE Chilton. Due to the public nature of the site we wanted to get the materials and plant off site as quickly and safely as possible, so we employed Sutton crane hire to conduct a contract lift for the materials, this was coordinated with our distributor so that the panels could be lifted as soon as they were off loaded.  Our solution was installed on an old pitched roof which required the design of a bespoke in-roof system.

We also installed a display in the reception area informing visitors how much energy the system was generating, generation to date and CO2 avoided.

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