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Is ESOS the key to decarbonising your business?

Installing solar PV should be one of the main energy solutions considered by large businesses when submitting an ESOS report to the Environmental Agency. iGen are here to help you identify how much energy you could produce through a solar PV system.

ESOS (The energy savings opportunity scheme), is a mandatory government initiative to promote energy efficiency in large scale businesses.

ESOS compliance is a measurement of your total energy consumption, combined with audits that look into your energy efficiency (delivered by an accredited ESOS assessor), which is fed back in a standardised report to your national scheme administrator.

Over 9,000 businesses will be required to conduct an ESOS audit and failure to comply could lead to fines of up to £90,000. Under the scheme organisations will be required to measure their energy consumption over a 12 month period and audit all energy use every 4 years.  The government has set the target of significantly reducing carbon emissions in the UK and collectively saving businesses over £1.6bn in energy costs every year.

Large blue-chip organisations who operate from multiple sites and locations typically have large areas of roof space available to them at warehouses or manufacturing facilities.  It makes sound business sense to install solar PV system in order to reduce energy bills significantly and generate your own free, green electricity.  Companies can could also consider a fully funded installation at no cost to the business via a power purchase agreement.

Other technologies such as EV charging and LED lighting should also be considered and reviewing manufacturing and production processes is also an opportunity to reduce energy usage, allowing you to implement more energy efficient processes into the business.

If your company is required to submit a regular energy audit as part of the ESOS scheme, iGen are here to help you identify how much energy you could produce through a solar PV system to submit with your audit.  We can assess your roof space and determine how much clean energy solar can generate for you.  We can produce a full cost benefit analysis and provide your business with a full generation forecast.  Contact us today to kick start your renewable energy plan

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